Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Preliminary Research Task

Editing :
  • Changing
  • Adding special effects
  • slow down + speed up
  • films made up of 100's of cuts
Shouldn't be able to notice when clips change. - contunuity editing

All shots follow each other in the following order :
  • Establish
  • Set scene
  • Over shoulder
  • Close up
Shot transitions that omit parts of and event causing an ellipses in plot and story duration
Jump out/dissolve - 2 images/clips overlap
Overlapping editing is a common charecteristics of the frenzied king kong addition films in the 80's + 90's
Temporal editing - Plays with time
Spatial editing - 180 degree rule.

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  1. You blog has some excellent detail to it and the use of images is pleasing to see. Please try being more creative with the positngs. Also you seen to be missing key parts to your blog. Where is the preliminary, production schedule, storyboards and animatic? It is disappointing that they are not here and I expected you to be making better progress.