Monday, 15 November 2010


Our film is called 'feast of flesh' which is about a psychopathic killer who has resulted to cannabilism due to his past.

The opening scene will be set in the graveyard, a man will be walking down a path casually in dark. He hears noises behind him as if somebody is following him hence he gets suspicious to what is going on, the shot will be from the killers point of view as if the man is being watched. He suddenly starts walking at a fast pace due to his suspicions of danger and reveals a camcorder from his jacket to record whatever happens. The footsteps seem to get closer to him so he decides to run and as he is running he looks over his shoulder and soon runs into a object and tumbles on the floor. as he ragains consiousness he looks into the distance and spots a figure staring at him, a white mask is on the figures face. The figure and mask dissapears and the man is on the floor helpless and very nervous because he does not no where the pychopathic is. The man is panting and saying 'who's there' and 'what do you want' he stands up and finds a safe place to hide. All is quiet when he is in his hiding spot until the pychos mask is shown behind the killer gradually. The camera then drops and goes blank and only screams can be heard. After the screams stop, the camcorder is picked up by the pycho and he stares into the camera at which point the camera is switched off.

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